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Belt tensioning machines, automatic separator shafts
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Technical solutions for slitting lines

JDC,Inc Japan was established on 1968 and since then we have installed more than 1.500 belt tensioning machines in the slitting lines of the most important linemakers delivered to leader customers all over the world.

JDC International GmbH Switzerland was established on 2012 and is the exclusive distributor of the machinery made in Japan by JDC,Inc in the following markets : Europe, East Europe, Middle East, Africa, North-Central- South America, Canada and India.

The design of the machinery of JDC comes from the combination of Japanese technology mixed with our long experience and knowledge of European know-how.

Innovative machinery for coil processing

The main purpose of the use of our machinery is to perfectly rewind the strips of the longitudinally slit coils without any scratches and marks.

The accuracy of the construction of the single components and of the assembly of our machinery allows us to process the most delicate thin materials in multistrip.

We work together with our customers in the design of new slitting lines and we send our engineers to carry out the commissioning onsite and to train the staff.

Furthermore, we support our customers in case of revamping of existing production lines as well as providing the after-sale service whenever it is requested.

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Metal coil re-winding: Our passion

The belt tensioning machines BELTBRIDLE ™️and RB21™️ designed by our engineering team and manufactured by our factory in Japan are the most suitable machines to process ferrous and non-ferrous coils without any scratches, abrasions and marks starting from a thickness of 0.2 mm.

Each machine is equipped with customized special belts according to the materials to be processed.

The technical innovation of the belts is continuously updated by the engineers of JDC.

Our automatic and computerized separators shafts allow a fast and safe way to set up the separator disks.

AutoSealEx ™️: is the pneumatic tubeless type air‐expansion shaft for thin coils from 0.2 mm up to 4.0 mm

AutoHydex ™️: is the hydraulic shaft for thin and thick coils from 0,2 mm up to 15.0 mm

Principle of operation of belt tensioning machines

Name of the parts

1.  Special endless belts
2.  Idle pulley
3.  Metal slider
4.  Steel frame
5.  Hydraulic cylinder
6.  Strips
7.  Cooling water.

(T)  Tension

(P)   Hydraulic pressure

(W) Downward load

(µ)   Frictional coefficient


The special endless-belts are manufactured by several layers having a different frictional coefficient between the outer and inner side.

The belts move together with the strips at the same speed, catching by larger friction of the outer side of the belts and in the same time the braking tension is generated by smaller friction of inner side of the belts.

The tension is settled by increasing or reducing the pressure of the hydraulic cylinders.

A frictional heat is generated because of the braking tension due to the friction force of the sliding part of the belt on the metal slider. The frictional heat is removed by the cooling water circulating system.

Main materials with delicate surfaces processed by the machines of JDC

Processing silicon / electrical steel

Over the past few years we got successful result in the sale of belt tensioning machines to process different kind of “ silicon steel “ also known as “ electrical steel “ . There is a great expectation of growth of silicon steel market in Japan , Europe and USA.

Our belt tensioning machines are particularly suitable to be installed in the cutting lines that process silicon steel which is a very thin material with a range of thickness from 0.1 mm up to 1.0

Furthermore, the water chilled system keeps the processing temperature of the belts and of the strips between 20° and 30° to avoid any damage due to an higher temperature


Belt tensioning machines

The machines of JDC are provided by the exclusive system of endless belt and are installed between the loop pit and the re-coiler instead of braking rolls or felt press.

Automatic and manual separator shafts

The separator shafts of JDC are designed to make fast and safe the set up of the separators disks , saving space and time.

Hydraulic nut and spare parts

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Technical solutions for slitting lines

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