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RB21 Type

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RB21™ is a very flexible tension unit because of the exclusive interchange concept of belt / felt tension system operated by a motorized 180 degrees rotary change unit that quickly allows to change the processing of materials from delicate to un-delicate coils.  RB21™ is the perfect machine for the coil centres.

The belt tension device and the felt tension device are assembled together as a mono-frame shape. The belts are set around the cooling water drums respectively upper and lower side, avoiding the use of pulleys. The braking tension is easily controlled by a pressure regulating device which is connected to 2 hydraulic cylinders located in the  stand structure to give a pinching force to the upper and lower mono-frame.

RB21 – WD type with elliptical drums for wide range application

RB21 – SO type with circular drums for thin gauge and special materials

Special Features of RB21

  • No scratches on beautiful coil surface  due to special belts rotating together with strip-speed
  • Uniform tension of every slit-strip  due to multi-belts catch and run with every slit-strip speed
  • Suitable tension for every coil thickness  because tension is provided by hydraulic pressure
  • Quick interchange of the belt/felt-tension  for dry/oiled material by rotation of drum-elements
  • High productivity due to highest-speed operation  by high performance drum-cooling device
  • Economical-high cooling efficiency  by natural air-cooled radiator type water cooling device
  • No sudden shutdown and easy maintenance  due to simple mechanism & compact design



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