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JDC designs and manufactures different types of tensioning machines and automatic separators shafts that are installed into the slitting lines produced by the most important Europe and Asian line makers. More than 1300 machines and automatic separators shafts are operating worldwide by the factories of leading producers of special steels, stainless steel, aluminium and copper.

The machines of JDC are designed according to our patented exclusive system of endless belt and are located between the loop pit and the re-coiler.

Unlike the traditional systems of braking rolls and felt press that work all the strips at the same speed, the belts of our tensioning devices process each strip to its specific speed for dragging effect.

Our machines can be easily installed in existing slitting lines instead of braking rolls and felt press and are particularly suitable to be used inside:

  • Slitting lines that mainly process materials with delicate and sensitive surfaces
  • Service Centres that require a frequent alternating between slitting materials with delicate and not delicate surfaces.
  • Slitting lines that especially process wet and oily materials with delicate and sensitive surfaces

The principle of the braking –  tensioning  system of the machines of JDC

The special endless belts have two layers with different outer / inner frictional coefficients. The belts move simultaneously with the coil speed catching by larger friction on the outer side of the belts, and in the meantime braking tension is generated by the smaller friction of the inner side of the belts.
Friction heat is generated due to braking tension built up through the friction force at sliding part of the belt acting on the slider metal.
The heat is carried off by the cooling water in the circulation system.

RB21™ is a very flexible tension unit because of the exclusive interchange concept of belt / felt tension system operated by a motorized 180 degrees rotary change unit that quickly allows to change the processing of materials from delicate to un-delicate coils.  RB21 is the perfect machine for the coil centres.

BELTBRIDLE™ is a unique machine that process oily and wet coils with delicate surfaces as well as dry coils with delicate and not delicate surfaces.

The stand is equipped with one set of upper and lower belts elements  that process dry or oily materials only.

The stand is equipped with one set of belts element that process delicate materials and one set of felt pad that process un-delicate materials.

The same stand is equipped in the upper side with one set of belts element that process dry  materials and in the lower side with a set of belt element that process oily materials.

Our patented separator shafts are designed to make fast and safe the set up of the separators disks , saving space and time. 
They can be easily installed into any slitter line and may be combined with any tension device.

  • SealEx™: Tubeless type air-expansion shaft
  • Auto SealEx ™: Tubeless type air-expansion shaft with automatic tool setting device
  • HYDEX ™: Hydraulic expansion separator shaft for heavy coils on recoiling drum


JDC designed the new Ω Omega belts to process coils with oily-wet surface without any scratch or mark.
These special belts catch the wet/oily coil surface by vacuum effect of the special pattern engraved on the belt surface.


3K-NUT™ is an  hydraulic nut for separator setting device of rotary shaft.


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