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BELTBRIDLE™ is a unique machine designed to process wet coils with delicate surfaces as well as dry coils with delicate and not delicate surfaces.

The special endless belts have two layers with different outer / inner frictional coefficients. The belts, extended by idle pulleys, move simultaneously with the coil speed catching by larger friction on the outer side of the belts ,and in the meantime braking tension is generated by the smaller friction of the inner side of the belts.
The tension is adjusted settling the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder. The belts are specially made of a flexible material so that they grip the strips pliably. The result is that there is no scratching and marks on high quality coils.

Upper belts-elements are at the position for the dry coil treating, set/reset and press down by the hydraulic cylinders located on top.
While the dry-type belt-sets are on the pass-line, the wet-type belt-sets is positioned lower space.
Every belts-element has quick connecting device to raise up or lower down for both

Upper : Dry type belt-elements
Belt catches dry surface coil by its high friction coefficient surface.

Lower : Wet type belt-elements
Belts can catch wet surface coil by Its special pattern surface.

Felt-Tension Pad
Detachable pad is applied  between the lower belts

Beltbridle Omega Type



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